A Protest in Hodeida Demands the Release of Abductees

The Association of Abductees’ Mothers in Hodeida organized a protest on Sunday morning, demanding the immediate release of individuals who have been forcibly disappeared, detained without due process, and held against their will.

 During the protest, the association underscored the fact that their sons have been enduring years of suffering in prison. Regrettably, their cause remains largely overlooked by the relevant authorities, with assurances of slow implementation and prolonged detention that only exacerbate their conditions behind bars.

The statement further disclosed that the Association of Abductees’ Mothers has documented the cases of “31” individuals from Hodeida Governorate who are currently held in Houthi group custody. Among these individuals, “28” are reported to be in poor health, with deteriorating medical conditions, and “7” remain forcibly disappeared at the hands of the Houthi group. Additionally, the statement detailed the arrest of “10” citizens by the Joint Forces in the western coast, with “3” of them suffering from illness and a lack of access to basic medical services in detention facilities that fail to meet even the most fundamental humanitarian standards.

 The statement urged a compassionate approach towards the abductees, especially those in poor health, and called for the immediate disclosure and release of all individuals who have been forcibly disappeared.

 It further held the Houthi group and the Joint Forces in the western coast fully responsible for the safety and lives of the forcibly disappeared abductees.

The international and regional community was called upon to actively work towards the immediate release of all abductees, including those who have been forcibly disappeared or arbitrarily detained. Additionally, the statement urged these entities to advocate for the improvement of prison conditions.

 The issue of individuals held in captivity is a humanitarian concern that requires an urgent and definitive solution.