Abductees Mothers Association concludes human rights workshop for members and volunteers.

Today in Ma’rib, Abductees’ Mothers Association concluded its workshop regarding the international mechanism of protecting and empowering human rights.


During the workshop, lawyer Ali Hazazi, Head of Human Rights and NGOs at Office of Presidency, discussed the means of implementing and developing human rights operations, the mechanism of monitoring and documenting, and the ways of support for three days with the members of the association.
On the first day of the workshop, Hazazi presented the international system of human rights and the most essential standards and mechanism of its protection and implementation globally, as well as the international agreements and conventions signed by Yemen. On the second day, he discussed the means of monitoring and reporting the human rights violations in accordance with the documentation standards of the United Nations agencies. He highlighted the importance of documentation and reporting in order to preserve the rights of armed conflicts victims, specifically abductees, arbitrarily and forcibly disappeared persons, and the victims of physical and psychological torture, both males and females, in addition to the victims of many more violations committed at detention centers.
Finally, on the third day, the participant discussed the activities organized to support human rights as effective means to create powerful civil freedom space. Presentations of support, campaigns and strategy development were made, and participants were trained to understand the influential powers in world politics, and the ability of changing the relations of powers using public supports and stands.
At the end of the workshop, awards and certificates were given to the participants. Ali Hazazi expressed his admiration of the efforts Abductees’ Mothers Association has made to defend the victims of human rights violations, and the persistence of the participants to attend and make use of the workshop.