Abductees Mothers Association holds seminar to support youth agenda included in Resolution 2250.

In collaboration with Yemeni Women’s Pact for Peace and Security and the Group of Nine, and with the support of the United Nations, Abductees’ Mothers Association in Ma’rib held a seminar to support the youth agenda included in the UN Security Council Resolution 2250.


The seminar had three main topics. First topic, titled The Opportunities and Challenges of Resolution 2550, was presented by Mabin Mohammed Abdullah, a communication student. He talked about the importance of the resolution, which is considered a great opportunity for the Yemeni youth, and its implementation on ground. He also talked about the basic five principles of the resolution, which includes; effective participation of the youth at decision making.
Regarding the importance of including females in decision making and dire need to implement the resolution during armed conflicts, Sabah Humaid, Abductees’ Mothers Association’s representative, presented the second topic, in which she elaborated the essence of females’ participation in government decisions, and the implementation of the resolution to end the violence against women.
Nuha Hamza, a human rights activist, presented the third topic of defining the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 and its significance as the first of its kind to acknowledge the youth and give them the chance to build peace around the world. The resolution, itself, secured the role of youth to be included in the operations of development, decision making and strategizing politics and programs.
The seminar was concluded with several recommendations, which mainly includes; embracing women’s participation at peace building in Yemen, forming a specialized board to implement such resolutions, and founding feminist organizations to empower women and raise their awareness of their rights. They also included the foundation of youth coalition to represent the youths, and youth initiatives to implement Resolution 2250.