Abductees Mothers Association in Taiz participates in former abductees rally to demand releasing other abductees and support the released.

This morning, Abductees’ Mothers Association participated in protesting rally held by former abductees in Taiz, in the first anniversary of their release from Houthi’s Alsaleh prison.

In the rally statement, released abductees expressed their gratitude and appreciation to Abductees’ Mothers Association for fighting for the case of abductees and forcibly disappeared persons and introducing it to the whole world.
They demanded releasing all the abductees and forcibly disappeared persons, held by Houthi armed group. Many of the currently detained individuals have been suffering from various diseases while several others have developed different mental disorders.
The former abductees demanded the competent authority to pay more attention to their case and support their physical and mental well-being, as many of them have lost their jobs and homes. They also demanded the authorities to look after the families of the abductees, who are still imprisoned, since those families had lost their breadwinners and the economic conditions of the country had become to seriously terrible.
Due to the brutal beating and torture at prisons, many of the former abductees have become paralyzed or sustained permeant disabilities while several others have developed mental disorders and are in a dire need for specialized medical care.
At the end of the rally, former abductees called upon international human rights organizations to provide the needed programs for the victims of abduction, arbitrary arrest and torture.