Abductees Mothers Association letter to interlocutors at Riyadh Consultations.

Dear Yemeni interlocutors, who have been gracefully invited by Gulf Cooperation Council, at Riyadh Consultations;


Firstly, we extend our utter greetings and wishes to you.
God only knows that, for seven years, Abductees’ Mothers Association has spared no effort in our attempt to acquire the freedom of our sons, which was unlawfully taken away.
Several mothers have died of anguish while many others have lost their sons due to brutal torture at detention centers. We have faced the worst types of injustice and subjugation, sadly made by our own compatriots.
As documented by Abductees’ Mothers Association, there are, currently, 425 abducted civilians held by Houthi armed group, 73 abducted civilians held by the Security Belt Forces, run by the Southern Transitional Council, 18 detained civilians held by the government’s security forces, and 5 abducted civilians held by the Joint Forces and the western coast.
From the mothers’ hearts, enlightened by the will of the forcibly disappeared Moahmmed Al-Alwani’s mother, who died saying “if my son Mohammed is released, tell him that I never stopped looking for him and never let despair get to me.”, with the blessed month of Ramadan approaching, and as the position of the consultations made by the GCC compels, we demand you to achieve peace and release our sons and all other abducted, arbitrarily detained, and forcibly disappeared civilians, and provide them with the proper rehabilitation and compensation.
Hundreds of Yemenis have been victims of abduction, arbitrary arrest, and forced disappearance. Behind these victims, there thousands of families who have built their hopes on you and your good will to achieve peace for the country, and for the abductees’ mothers and children. Peace starts by mending mothers’ hearts.
Our prayers go to our country’s good and peace.
Abductees’ Mothers Association.