Abductees Mothers Association statement demanding releasing all abductees in conjunction with UN Envoy efforts and ceasefire of Ramandan.

Since the signing of Stockholm Agreement, which compelled all parties to release all abductees and forcibly disappeared and arbitrarily detained persons, in December 2018, mothers of abductees have been grasping on the hope of completely implementing the agreement.


Despite partially implementing the agreement, under the auspices of the United Nations in October 2020, which led to the release of dozens of abductees and war prisoners, and creating a joy that overwhelmed hundreds of families and thousands of Yemenis, looking forward to the release of all abductees and forcibly disappeared and arbitrarily detained persons, the warring parties have continued to detain hundreds of civilians for as long as seven years.
With great hope and optimism, Abductees’ Mothers Association has received the declaration of Yemeni parties to release all abductees, detainees, and war prisoners, considering a huge step towards peace and the end of war. We appreciate the efforts of the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Yemen, who took on, along with his team, the responsibility to reconcile and harmonize the views among Yemeni parties at all aspects.
As a helping gesture, we, at Abductees’ Mothers Association, declare our readiness to present our lists of documented abductees to the current consultations in order to implement the agreement regarding the case of abductees and forcibly disappeared and arbitrarily detained persons, which can be a great aid for the consulting parties to overcome the differences regarding the names of hundreds of abducted, detained, and forcibly disappeared civilians.
The association’s lists contain the names of 425 abducted civilians, 97 of whom are forcibly disappeared held by Houthi armed group, 18 detained by the government’s security forces, and 5 detained by Joint Forces and the western coast.
At these exceptional times, we demand releasing of all abductees, and forcibly disappeared and arbitrarily detained persons, and providing them with the appropriate rehabilitation and resettlement.
Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association.
April 3rd, 2022.