Abductees Mothers Association makes urgent calls for help to Security Council, UN Secretary-General, and Special Envoy to Yemen

Abductees’ Mothers Association made urgent calls for help to Security Council, United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, and UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, urging them to take immediate actions in order to help release abductees held at Houthi armed group’s prisons, and arbitrarily arrested and forcibly disappeared persons held at Southern Transitional Council’s prisons.

Afrah Al-Akhali, the association’s Foreign Relations Officer, said “our suffering is worsening everyday as our sons are held at prisons with terrible conditions, repeatedly subjected to brutal torture, and prevented from medical care amid the spread of different diseases at prisons, endangering their lives and safety. “

Al-Akhali stated that the International Humanitarian Law and all UN conventions criminalize the unwarranted abduction of civilians by either Houthi armed group or STC, stressing on the importance of the intervention of international competent authorities to fulfill their duties and support the case of thousands of abductees.

She called international authorities to step up the pressure upon Houthi armed group and STC in order to force them release all abductees and arbitrarily arrested and forcibly disappeared persons.

She referred to the reports published by the UN regarding abductees’ conditions at prisons, and demanded the release of all abductees held at Houthi and STC prisons.