Abductees Mothers Association in Aden demands self-government to uncover fate of forcibly disappeared persons and to release arbitrary arrested individuals

This morning, Abductees’ Mothers Association carried out a protesting rally by self-government headquarters in Aden at Gold Moor area. Mothers met with the head of the self-government’s committee responsible for managing prisons, judge Nabil Jawaih, and a member of the committee, Thekra Ma’atuq, a lawyer. An official memo was handed to them by mothers, in addition to a list of abductees’ and forcibly disappeared persons’ names.

The committee promised mothers to pursue the case of abductees and forcibly disappeared and arbitrarily arrested persons. The committee head stated that the committee had made a visit to Be’er Ahmed Prison and was planning to pay more visits to it and to other official and unofficial prisons. The committee requested abductees’ families to provide information regarding abductions and disappearance in order to ease committee’ search for all abductees.

In its memo, Abductees’ Mothers Association had the following demands;

1- To uncover the fate of forcibly disappeared persons, who have been hidden for years and their families have no clue of their fate and whereabouts, and to permit family visits and contact, as forced disappearance is a considered a crime by all laws.
2- To include to their duties the release of individuals held beyond the statutory limit with no interrogation or case reference, the reference of interrogated abductees to prosecution, and covering all prisons and detention centers in all southern governorates, not only Aden.
3- To resume the trials of abductees and detainees held at Be’er Ahmed Prions.
4- To resume the interrogations and to finish up abductees’ case files since general prosecution refuses to refer them to a court without complete case files.
5- To implement transparency measures in order to provide accurate facts to society, media, and human rights organizations, and to provide the rightful legal support for abductees in accordance with the law and international conventions.
6- To carry out the necessary medical measures to protect abductees and detainees from the risks of Coronavirus