Abductees Mothers Association meets head of Specialized Criminal Court and National Committee delegation in Marib.

This evening, Miss Sabah Humaid, head of Abductees’ Mothers Association’s Marib Office, and lawyer Ulfat Al-Refa’eiy, head of Documenting and Monitoring Department in the association, had a meeting with the head of Specialized Criminal Court in the governorate and a delegation of the National Committee.


The meeting was attended by Specialized Criminal Court head, judge Ahmed Al-Haidari, and National Committee members; judge Naser Al-Awthali, and Prof. Dhiya’a Muhayrez.
The association discussed several topics with the National Committee members, mainly the reasons of visit preventions of detainees, and depriving them of contacting families by the officers running the Political Security Prison in Marib.
The association, also, reviewed the number of detainees, whose families delivered reports to the association stating that they had been held at the government’s prisons in Marib, which mounted to 32 detainees, 10 of whom had been released while the other 22 were still incarcerated.
Additionally, the association explained to the committee members the horrible conditions of the detainees at Political Security Prison in Marib, and discussed the report Abductees’ Mothers Association issued at the beginning of the month.
The report stated that there were 22 detainees held at the Political Security Prison in Marib, who had not been allowed to contact their children for about a year. Relatives of those detainees had passed away while the detainees had no clue. Abdullah Mohammed Ali Al-Sa’fani, detained since October, 2020, lost his sister and brother while Ahmed Ali Mus’ed Al-Sharafi, detained since May, 2019, lost his mother. Both detainees had not been notified of their losses due to the prevention of any contact.
The discussion covered the suffering of the individuals released from Houthi’s prison, and how their suffering of imprisonment had turned to the suffering of exile in harsh financial conditions.
The meeting was concluded by agreeing on several recommendations, namely following up the case of detainees held at Political Security Prison in the governorate, examining their casefiles and referring them to prosecution, allowing family contact, and carrying out a visit to Political Security Prison by the association and the committee.
The committee highlighted the necessity of documenting the violations against the individuals who had been previously held at Houthi armed group’s prisons.