Right by the house of judge Waheeb Fadhl; Abductees Mothers Association demands handing casefile of abductees to competent authorities to resume court proceedings.

This morning, Abductees’ Mothers Association in Aden held a protesting rally in front of the house of former head of Specialized Criminal Court, judge Waheeb Fadhl Al-Radfani, to demand him to hand the casefiles of 14 arbitrarily arrested persons to competent authorities in order to resume court proceedings and release them.


Mothers called to save their sons, whose medical and psychological conditions had been deteriorating at Be’er Ahmed Prison, especially after an abductee, Fahd Al-Azzani, tried to commit suicide due to the prolonged detention period, medical negligence and mistreatment by the prison administration. 
Mothers marched to Ministry of Justice to meet the minister deputy for courts, Abdulkarim Baabad, who promised mothers to hold a meeting tomorrow with judge Waheeb to receive the files of the 14 detainees to resume their procedures.
Mothers held all competent authorities and Be’er Ahmed Prison administration responsible for the safety and well-being of the detainees, calling upon human rights organizations to support them until all detainees are released and all forcibly disappeared persons’ fate is uncovered.