Abductees Mothers Association rally statement in Aden demands saving 40 arbitrarily arrested and 43 forcibly disappeared held in tragic conditions amidst scorching heatwave.

40 arbitrarily arrested individuals and 43 forcibly disappeared persons are still held prisoners at Security Belt prisons in Aden.

The abductees live under tragic conditions where they lack the basic medical services and minimum humanitarian needs, such as ventilation and clean water.

Moreover, their medical conditions have worsened with the extreme heatwave and power blackouts that last as long as 16 hours a day, as well as the outbreak of COVID-19 and skin diseases in the prisons.  
At Abductees’ Mothers Association, we assemble at this rally at Alorood Square in Aden to hold Security Belt forces completely responsible for our arbitrarily arrested and forcibly disappeared sons’ lives.

We demand saving our sons from such inhuman conditions at prisons, especially during these times of heatwave and COVID-19 outbreak.  
We call upon the International Committee of the Red Cross to visit prisons in Aden, namely Be’er Ahmed Prison, and to take the necessary actions to grant the detainees their basic and medical needs.

We, also, call upon the international community to mount the needed pressure on the Southern Transitional Council to uncover the fate of the forcibly disappeared persons, and to prioritize their case in the coming Riyadh Agreement agenda.  
Our sons have been forcibly disappeared and arbitrarily detained for 5 years.

We suffer the pain of longing to them and the agony of not knowing their medical conditions.

All we know is that they face oppression, injustice, torture, and unknown future.  
Will mothers be delighted by being reunited with their sons and holding them in their arms on Eid Aladha?  
Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association, Aden.
July 18th, 2021.