Abductees Mothers Association Statement Condemning the Constant Violations Against Abductees at Security and Intelligence Prison in Sanaa.

Abductees and detainees held at Political Security Prison in Sana’a have been repeatedly subjected to mistreatment and arbitrary acts for more than two weeks.


At Abductees’ Mothers Association, we condemn the violations against 15 abductees held at Security and Intelligence Prison in Sana’a. As reported by the families, the violations include; mistreatment, solitary confinement, beating, verbal abuse, starvation, and prevention of using restrooms. Additionally, the dangers facing sick abductees increase as their families are not allowed to provide their medications. Thus, we hold Houthi armed group completely accountable for the abductees’ lives and safety.
Based on the increasing risks facing our abducted sons, we demand all human rights organizations, mainly the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, to urgently intervene and take serious actions to grant the abductees and detainees access to their rights, stop all violations against them, release all abductees and detainees, and end their suffering.
Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association, Sana’a.
August 21st, 2022.