Abductees’ Mothers Association Strongly Condemns the Israeli Massacre at Al-Maamadani Hospital in Gaza, Expressing Absolute Solidarity with the Victims

The Abductees’ Mothers Association condemns the massacre committed by the Israeli occupation forces in bombing Al-Ahli Arab Baptist Hospital in Gaza. The brutal attack resulted in the tragic loss of over 500 martyrs and hundreds of injuries in a single moment, marking an unprecedented dangerous and horrifying action that transcends all inhuman boundaries and violates international laws.

We, in the Association of Abductees’ Mothers, strongly denounce these ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza, which amount to war crimes. The majority of the victims are children and women, indicating a clear targeting of civilians and a policy of collective extermination and displacement. This includes the destruction of buildings over its inhabitants inside, including schools and hospitals where displaced people, the sick, and the wounded seek refuge from the war. We also condemn the Zionist barbaric actions of cutting off electricity, water, and fuel supplies, under the Arab-Zionist blockade on the Gaza Strip.

From the depths of our grieving hearts, we, in the Association of Abductees’ Mothers affirm our full solidarity with the families of the victims and the survivors, as well as with all the people in the Gaza Strip who have endured this malicious war. This occurs in the face of international and Arab complacency.

We hold the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the genocide against the Palestinian people, in a blatant violation of humanitarian law and international human rights laws.

We call on the international community to immediately end these crimes against the Palestinian people, provide protection for them, make decisive decisions, adhere to international laws, and ensure that those responsible are brought before the International Criminal Court, guaranteeing they do not escape punishment.

Issued by the Association of Abductees’ Mothers

October 19, 2023