Aden: Abductees Mothers Call Upon IRC to Save Their Abducted and Forcibly Hidden Sons

Abductees’ Mothers Association organized, today morning, a rally by the International Red Cross office in Aden calling upon the international human conscience to save the lives of dozens of their abducted and forcibly hidden sons and to disclose their fate.

In the rally statements, mothers stated that many abductees have been forcibly hidden for as long as three years, and their fate is currently unknown as all legal procedures have been put on hold. The statement assured that despite the court order of releasing 18 abductees from Be’er Ahmed Prison, they are incarcerated there, and that 8 other abductees are still waiting for trials and investigation to resume as all court procedures have stopped due to the clashes and conflicts in Aden.

The statement added that the suffering of the abductees is worsening daily while their humanitarian case is disregarded. It declared that the abductees are merely civilians who had been abducted from their homes and from public places, and have been subjected to brutal torture, beating, and inhumane mistreatment causing their living and health conditions todeteriorate.

Mothers called upon all international and national human rights organizations to activate the case of their abducted and forcibly hidden sons who are held at official and secret prisons in Aden, and whose case has been disregarded by all parties forgetting the pain of dozens of mothers and sons who have been impatiently looking forward to happiness for three years.