As contribution in combating violence against women; Abductees Mothers Association Holds Psychological Support Session for the Survivors of Violence Against Women.

Titled “Psychological Trauma Treatment Strategies”, Abductees’ Mothers Association held a psychological support session for the survivors of violence against women, which was financed by the Doria Feminist Fund.  


During the session that lasted for two days, and was attended by 30 women, participants were familiarized with the psychological trauma and its variations, as well as its symptoms.  

Using workshops and physical exercises, the session trainers went through the stages of psychological trauma, its impact, and treatment. 

  By the end of the session, the participants expressed the extent of the benefits gained during the session, which provided them with the psychological support they need during the brutal war Yemeni women face. The war, itself, has led to the loss of many privileges women in Yemen had fought for decades to acquire.