F.M.A. is 40 years old

In March 2019, she was traveling to Harran with her children (Wejdan, 17 years old, Wajdi, 15 years old, Zainab, 13 years old, Izz, 12 years old, Asma’a, 8 years old, Aref 9 years old, Muhammad, 5 years old, and Hafsah, 6 years old) to visit her husband.

She was stopped at a checkpoint under the control of a number of Houthi armed men in the area of Haradh. She was stopped with her children, and they were detained for 13 days in a home in the Abs area that the Houthis used as a detention center for this family.

They were interrogated four times, and their phones were taken away. They were not allowed any visits and they were not given any drinking water, meaning that they were forced to buy the drinking water from the prison guard.

They were only released after they paid the ransom, which was 4,000 Saudi riyals and 5,000 Yemeni rials, and they were returned to their area, Bura’a, and kept under house arrest.

They have not been able to leave their home