Fatim and Jaberah- Hodeidah

The armed Houthi group abducted on April 23, 2019 two ladies and three female children while they were returning from Marib on a bus. 
The abducted ladies and children are: Mrs. Fatim Ahmed Shuraibah Aqar, 72 years old, and Miss Jaberah Ali Hassan Awadh, 30 years, Halima Qassim, 4 years old, Rahmah Qasim Hassan Hibah, 5 years old, Fatin Talal Hassn Hibbah, 5 years  old.
Fatem and Jaberah went to Marib to have passports to be able to travel to Hajj (pilgrimage). However, they failed to get passports from Marib, while they were returning home in Hodeida, but they were seized by the Houthis   and they were held in the house of Bakir Yahya Arj, who was teken over by the Houthis armed group and turned in to a place of dentention .
The Houthis later released the three children for a ransom of YR200,000. 
Since the detention of Fatim and Jabirah, their families have been deprived from visiting them and they were threatened with beating. One female relative was also seized for 24 hours as a punishment for her attempt to visit the two ladies. 
The Houthis told the families that the two ladies will not be    released because their families reported about their detention.
Fatim undertook a hunger strike in demand for releasing her along with  Jabirah, and taking them back to their homes. 
There are no charges against them, and the only raised charge is the traveling to Marib.
Our efforts in trying to get Fatim and Gabrah out of prison have paid off and  they were released yesterday 14/05/2019.
 Fatim (70 years old ) has been forced to sign a document to cut all                  communications with her own son in Marrb and to never go to Marrb ever .