Missue Marib; Abductees Mothers Association participates in civil society organizations seminar on Women Day

In collaboration with many civil society organizations, Abductees’ Mothers Association participated in a seminar named Yemeni Women’s Role to Mitigate Conflicts Impact in Ma’rib.

In its presentation, the association representative talked about the violations women faced, such as; the detention and abduction of many female activists, the threats and verbal abuse during protests, the arrest at checkpoints, and the humiliation of mothers and wives at prisons. Several recommendations were given like demanding to release all abducted women held at Houthi prisons and stopping all types of violence towards women.

The association demanded organizations to stand by abductees’ families by providing the needed education and training for children and wives. It assured the importance of forming a solidarity fund, run by the governor, to support abductees’ families, and preparing the necessary media coverage to raise the public awareness of abductees’ issue.