Mother’s Day: celebration prevented by imprisonment

Yemeni mothers miss the celebration and joy of Mother’s Day as Houthi armed group continues detaining their sons at official and secret prisons within Houthi-controlled areas.

On Mother’s Day, an abductee’s mother said “Last year, I gave my son a white rose on Mother’s Day. Flowers are, generally, a way of expressing feelings when words can’t. I told him the I had chosen that white one because it symbolizes his pure heart. A year later, I was surprised when my son gave me a present he had made with his own hands. A piece of soap with my name on it, kept in a little sponge. On the back of that sponge, the flower I gave him was dried and preserved. It was a simple gift, but it really made me feel happy and optimistic.”

Mother of the abductee A.M.S said “Mother’s Day has become meaningless to me since my son was abducted. I had lost every type of happiness on this day. He used to buy me gifts on Mother’s Day and say that all his days were Mother’s Day. Now, prison administrations prohibit the visits on this day. All mothers feel sad and desperate for a hug and kiss from their sons. Dear son, this is the third Mother’s Day I spend without you. Be aware that God is testing you because He loves you. I hope they will have mercy on mother’s hearts and release abductees.”

The abductee M.S.J’s mother said “It is a painful feeling to spend Mother’s Day without my son. My life is never complete without him. He was the one that brought me gifts on this day. I cannot even visit him on Mother’s Day now. We are not allowed to visit him on Mother’s Day unless it is on the same day of the visit. On this day, abductees’ mother feel like they had lost a beloved one. May God help you at this time of hardship, my son. And may He please us with your freedom sooner rather than later. And to those who abducted my son, don’t you have mercy at all? All sons celebrate their mothers while my son is held up in a cell.”

Mother of the abductee R.A.M said “A mother celebrates every day when she sees her children around her. Most painful feeling comes on Mother’s Day when I can no longer see my son nor be able to help him. He used to be the one that brings joy and jokes to the house. Nowadays, I can only see him during visit days which normally do not happen to be on Mother’s Day. All mothers feel the pain in their hearts and their tears never stop. My son, I hope to see you free soon. I hope to see you joyful and happy at home like you used to.”

S.A.Q’s mother said “On this day, mothers feel the love their children have for them. However, the sadness and devastation you feel when one of your sons cannot share the happiness of Mother’s Day is overwhelming. He used to buy me the gifts. His saying was always “May God let you live ever longer, mother.” Yet, I still receive his congratulations and prayers even though he is being detained. Prison administration never lets us visit him on Mother’s Day. All mothers feel the pain and sadness on this. All they can do is pray for their sons. By God’s will, next Mother’s Day you will bring me the gift yourself, son