Thekra Saeed Abdallah ( A teacher ) says

I’ve been kidnapped from tge street right in front of the Red Cross  organization in Hudaida on 22/11/2018 by some Houthies members.

They took me to the criminal investigation prison in Hudaida.

They threw me in a very dark room with no fresh air and no toilet for a whole day.

They then started  investigating me. During the investigation they threatened me with guns.

I was kept in a separate cell for three days without allowing any visits. I was then sent to another cell shared with another woman who was being tortured. Food was  so bad.

I’ve been investigated for five times , in each  time I was being mentally tortured. They accused me of helping the enemy.I’ve suffered rheumatism and severe mental breakdowns. I was released on  9/2/2019.

It was three month and a half , god knows it was the worst period of time l’ve ever been through