Mothers of abductees and detainees deliver urgent messages on Mothers Day

Mothers of abductees, arbitrary detainees, and forcibly disappeared persons in Aden sent urgent messages clearly expressing their longing for their imprisoned sons and husbands. The messages were extended during a ceremony organized by Abductees’ Mothers Association in Aden in Saturday morning 21st March.

Many messages, such as “I’m looking forward to a day where my whole family is complete. My sons, you are my joy and delight.”, were presented to human rights organizations in order to motivate them to carry out their duties towards abductees and forcibly disappeared persons in Aden.

Amat Alsalam Al-Haj, Abductees’ Mothers Association’s head, made a speech during the event assuring that the association would continue its support and help for mothers to deliver their messages to the whole world and to keep on holding protesting rallies until all abductees are free.

Abductees’ Mothers Association has continued it repeated weekly rallies demanding the uncover of forcibly disappeared persons and releasing all abductees and arbitrary detainees