Rallying at early hour of morning; Abductees Mothers Association in Aden demand uncover their forcibly disappeared sons fate

In Aden, Abductees’ Mothers Association members rallied early this morning nearby the Arab Coalition calling upon its officers to mount pressure on competent authorities in order to release forcibly disappeared persons.


  Mothers stated that they had not completely had their breakfast in order to rally that early to catch up with the early working hours for them to be the first to speak with competent authorities.


They, also, stated that for five years, 38 individuals have been forcibly disappeared. families had no clue of their fate and their medical conditions.


All doors had been knocked and calls had been delivered to all competent authorities in order to acquire any information to hold on to the hope of finding out the fate of forcibly disappeared individuals held at secret detention centres in Aden.


Basmah, daughter of the forcibly disappeared Saleh Al-Qashmi, demanded uncover the fate of her father, who had been forcibly disappeared for 5 years, and her uncle, who had been forcibly disappeared for 6 years, as well as all other forcibly disappeared persons.

Heyam, sister of forcibly disappeared Helmi and Hussein Al-Zenji, also demanded uncovering the fate of her bothers, whose disappearance caused her mother to die while grieving for her sons.