Statement of Abductees Mothers Association rally by governorate administration demanding to mount pressure on competent authorities to uncover forcibly disappeared fate

Today, we, Abductees’ Mothers Association, rally by the Aden’s governorate administration’s headquarters to demand the governor, Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, to mount pressure upon the competent authorities and urge them to take the necessary actions to uncover the fate of our sons who have been forcibly disappeared since 2016.

37 individuals have been forcibly disappeared since 2016. Their families have no clue of their whereabouts and conditions. They only hear the contradicting rumours and news, which only increase their fears.
During their struggle while searching for their beloved sons, two mothers have died, the mother of Helmi and Hussein Al-Zenji and the mother of Mohammed Al-Alwani, while still hoping and dreaming to see and hold their sons.
Thus, we, at Abductees’ Mothers Association, stress on the continuation of our demands to uncover the fate of our forcibly disappeared sons and bringing the violators of human rights to justice.
We demand all governmental bodies and human rights organizations, locally and internationally, to support our case until all forcibly disappeared persons are released.
Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association, Aden.
December 27th, 2020.