Abductees Mothers Association rally statement calling to save 50 sick abductees held at Political Security Prison in Sanaa.

At Political Security Prison in Sana’a, the number of abductees is multiplying while their health deteriorates as a result of the systematic medical negligence and the inhuman detention conditions.


Almost 50 abductees held at that prison suffer from serious diseases, which include; strokes, seizures, severe spinal injuries, and Hemorrhoids, as well as various cardiovascular and urinary diseases and sinus and eye infections.
Therefore, At Abductees’ Mothers Association, we stand here, by the IRC in Sana’a, to greatly condemn the medical negligence our abducted sons suffer at Political Security Prison, and the inhuman conditions faced by the civilians, who have been unlawfully abducted from their homes and workplaces. We demand providing them with the necessary specialized medical care immediately, and releasing them unconditionally. We hold Houthi armed group responsible for the lives and safety of our abducted sons.
We demand the Special Envoy to mount the needed pressure upon Houthi armed group in order to release all abductees from Political Security Prison in Sana’a, and call upon all human rights organizations to support our cause to save all abductees and forcibly disappeared persons, and not leave them to face their unknown fate inside prison.
Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association, Sana’a.
December 21st, 2020.