Abductees Mothers Association: Release Al-Kumaim Immediately Due to Dire Health

Abductees’ Mothers Association condemns the continued abduction of Abu Zaid Abdulqawi Al-Kumaim, the head of the Yemeni Teachers’ Union, by the Houthi group since October 8th, 2023, after he demanded the payment of teachers’ salaries. This is despite his critical health condition due to diabetes, which requires his immediate release.

We, at Abductees’ Mothers Association, express our deep concern about the treatment of the abductee Al-Kumaim and the conditions of his abduction in the Houthi prisons, which may have caused his health condition to deteriorate and led him to fall into a diabetic coma two months ago. In addition, he was referred to the criminal prosecution office for trial, and he announced on his last visit that he would go on a hunger strike until his release from prison.

We hold the Houthi group fully responsible for his life and safety.

We also demand the immediate release of the abductee Abu Zaid Abdulqawi Al-Kumaim, before it is too late due to his deteriorating health conditions, and all of our abducted sons, some of whom have been in Houthi prisons for more than 8 years.

We call on the international community and all human rights and media organizations to pressure and stand by the abductees and work to resolve their humanitarian issue and achieve social justice.

Human rights are not negotiable, and the Houthi group and all parties involved in abduction, enforced disappearance, and arbitrary detention must abide by international laws and release them unconditionally.

Issued by the Abductees’ Mothers Association

February 27th, 2024