Abductees Mothers Association report condemning detaining eight civilians at Beer Ahmed Prison, Aden.

 Abductees’ Mothers Association received a report from the families of the following abductees;

1- Ali Abdulkarim Al-Hayeyi, 14 years old. 

2- Ali Abdulmalek Al-Hayeyi, 13 years old. 

3- Jabr Ali Al-Hayeyi, 13 years old. 

4- Abdullah Ali Al-Hayeyi, 35 years old. 

5- Jabr Naser Sarib, 23 years old. 

6- Aljashmi Ahmed Al-Jashmi, 33 years old. 

7- Senan Ali Al-Hayeyi, 20 years old. 

8- Ghaleb Ali Al-Dhabyani, 33 years old.  

According to the report, the abductees have been detained for more than a year, and had been forcibly disappeared for months, despite having 3 children whose ages are less than 15 years old. Moreover, Abdullah Ali Al-Hayeyi has been forcibly disappeared until now after he was brutally tortured by boiling water and electrocution which led to losing consciousness. He was, then, taken to an unknown destination and never heard of since then.However, there has been several unconfirmed news of his death due to torture. 


STC-controlled Security Belt in Aden arrested the eight civilians, who are all from Dhamar governorate, at around 3 A.M, on October 16th, 2020. During the arrest, their home was stormed, their money and phones were all taken, all their women and children were arrested and detained at Albasatin Police Station. They were tortured before the eyes of the women and children to force the admissions out of them.  


Women were beaten and slapped, in front of their relatives in order to humiliate them, and their phones were taken. They were, additionally, threatened of rape. The women and children were released after that while the other eight abductees were forcibly disappeared for six months. Seven of them were, then, transferred to Be’er Ahmed Prison. 

  Since their arrest, Be’er Ahmed Prison’s administration prevents visits and arrests any visitors. They are only allowed to have a five-minute call each month. Lawyers cannot defend them for the fear of arrest.  


At Abductees’ Mothers Association, we hold Security Belt Forces in Aden completely responsible for the safety of the arbitrarily detained persons, condemn the violations and threats against women and children, we demand the competent authorities to grant the eight detainees access to their legal and human rights and to release them.  

We call upon and urge the UNICEF and ICRC to mount the necessary pressure to release the three abducted children immediately and unit them with their mother in order to help them return to their normal life.   


Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association, Aden. 

December 25nd, 2021.