Mothers of Abductees’ Association joined the civil society organization in their meeting with the UN ambassadors in Aden.

The Mothers of Abductees’ Association participated in a meeting with European Union ambassadors in the interim capital of Aden, Yemen. Arwa Fadhl, a member of the association- Aden, joined fellow activists and civil society organizations at the United Nations office located in the Khormaksar directorate, Aden governorate.

During this meeting, the attendees delved into a comprehensive discussion concerning the prevailing human rights situation in Yemen. The focus was on the persistent conflict in the country and its complicated impact on the civilian population across various facets of daily life. The discussions also centered on a series of recommendations designed to address the legal measures that could be implemented to enhance the overall human rights situation in Yemen.

Human rights advocates, attending the meeting, presented a comprehensive overview of the humanitarian, human rights, and legal aspects to the European Union ambassadors. They underscored the dire violations against civilians and underscored the paramount importance of collaborative efforts aimed at halting these violations, ensuring accountability for the perpetrators, and delivering justice to the affected individuals and communities