On the International Day of Enforced Disappearances, the Association of Abductees’ Mothers reiterated its plea over the years to save its sons who have been completely missing.

On the occasion of the #International_Day_of_Enforced_Disappearances, August 30th, the Association of Abductees’ Mothers held a protest in front of the Ma ‘ashiq Palace in Aden.  The protest aimed to demand the revelation of the names of those who have been forcibly disappeared. These names were submitted to the leader of the guard at the Ma ‘ashiq Palace about a month ago.

In its statement, the Association expressed their hope for the realization of rights and justice during the many years that have passed on international days and human rights events, which remind us of abduction cases, as well as the suffering of the abductees and their families. However, so far, rights have been violated and justice is still far reaching.

The Association documented 128 cases of enforced disappearance that are still unresolved. These cases are distributed as follows:

  • 55 cases are forcibly hidden, including 11 cases from the Baha’i community and one forcibly hidden woman. All of these cases are abducted by the Houthi group.
  • 58 cases are forcibly hidden by the Security Belt Forces in Aden.
  • 2 cases are forcibly hidden by the Joint Forces in the Western Coast.
  • One case is forcibly hidden by the Security Forces affiliated with the Legitimate Government in Ma’rib.

The Association held all responsible parties accountable for the well-being and safety of their forcibly hidden sons. It also appealed to the United Nations and the Security Council to reveal and expose these hidden individuals, work towards their release, provide compensation for the harm they and their families have suffered, hold those who committed these violations accountable, reduce such incidents, and prevent the perpetrators from escaping punishment.

The Association urged all human rights and media organizations to support the victims of enforced disappearance, whether they are still hidden or those who are survived, and to work towards amplifying their and their families’ voices.