Statement of the Association of Abductees’ Mothers on the International Day of Enforced Disappearance-August 30th  

As years pass by with international days and human rights occasions, our hope for the realization of rights and justice continues. Unfortunately, rights remain violated, and justice remains elusive. On this International Day of Enforced Disappearances, it is distressing that hundreds of Yemeni civilians are still forcibly disappeared, with their families having no information about them or their fate. The Association of Abductees’ Mothers has documented 128 cases of enforced disappearances that, regrettably, remain unresolved. The cases are distributed as follows:

  • 55 cases are forcibly disappeared by the Houthi group, including 11 cases from the Baha’i community and one woman.
  • 58 cases are forcibly disappeared by the Security Belt Forces in Aden.
  • 2 cases are forcibly disappeared by the Joint Forces in the Western Coast, and
  • One case is forcibly disappeared by the Security Forces affiliated with the Legitimate Government in Ma’rib.

Our loved ones who have been forcibly disappeared endure severe torture that often leads to their death or even extrajudicial killings. Some have been used as shields during airstrikes, and their families are left to discover their lifeless bodies, causing them overwhelming shock and sorrow.

The families of those who have been forcibly disappeared are burdened with instability, anxiety, and panic regarding their missing sons. Some of these sons have been absent for over seven years, with their fate uncertain. These families’ children have been without their fathers for years. The situation of enforced disappearance brings about financial challenges, making it difficult to meet basic needs. This is particularly true because most of those who have been forcibly disappeared were the main providers for their families.

As the Association of Abductees’ Mothers, we stand here in front of Ma ‘ashiq Palace in Aden, holding all responsible parties fully accountable for the lives and safety of our missing sons.

We reiterate our appeal and plea over the years to save our children, about whom we have no information. We urge the United Nations and the Security Council to reveal their whereabouts, secure their release, provide compensation for them and their families, hold those responsible for these violations accountable, and ensure they do not evade punishment under international laws, in order to put an end to this severe human rights violation.

We also earnestly request all human rights organizations and media outlets to lend their support to the victims of enforced disappearance, both those who are still missing and those who have survived. It is crucial to amplify their voices and the voices of their families. Providing necessary care, appropriate compensation, and safeguards is vital to prevent the recurrence of this crime against civilians.

Issued by the Association of Abductees’ Mothers

Wednesday, August 30, 2023