The report “A Human Rights Defender in Hadhramaut Faces Threats and Discrimination”

The report paints a disturbing picture of the challenging conditions faced by female human rights defenders (HRDs), in Yemen, and emphasizes the urgent need for attention and intervention. Within Yemen’s conservative culture, female HRDs are exposed to heightened risks, leading many to cease their activities, close organizations, or seek refuge by leaving the country for safety.

The case of Amina (a pseudonym) highlights the difficulties female HRDs encounter. Amina sheds light on societal criticism, including accusations of HRDs receiving foreign funding to disrupt security and break up families. Additionally, the report highlights the authorities’ lack of seriousness in addressing cases reported by female HRDs, illustrating the discrimination they face when seeking justice. Furthermore, the report singles out the Houthis for their particularly brutal treatment of HRDs, exemplified by the case of activist Fatima al-Arwali, who was sentenced to death after enforced disappearance and a sham trial.

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