Abductees Mothers Association report calls to save abductee Sufian Al-Fathi who collapsed at court in Sanaa due to severe bleeding.

A report received by Abductees’ Mothers Association and made by the family of the 29-year- old abductee, Sufian Ali Qasem Al-Fathi, who was abducted by Houthi armed group on July 15th, 2015, and has been held at Political Security Prison in Sana’a, stated that the medical condition of the abductee had severely deteriorated, resulting in his collapse while heavily bleeding during his hearing at Houthi-controlled Appeal Criminal Court. 

Sufian Al-Fathi has been suffering various ailments and injuries, including TB, chronic asthma, hernia, and spine slippage.

  In the report, the family affirmed that the court had previously ordered his release.

However, the general prosecution made an appeal which led to preventing the release. 

At Abductees’ Mothers Association, we hold Houthi armed group fully accountable for the life and safety of Sufian Al-Fathi.

We demand the United Nations to mount the necessary pressure on Houthi armed group to urgently and unconditionally release him. 

We call upon all human rights organizations and press establishments to stand behind the case of Sufian Al-Fathi and support his family in order to have him immediately released and medically treated.


  Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association.  December 7th, 2021