The Abductees’Mothers Association launches a workshop “Involving women in Decision-Making and Peacebuilding in Yemen” in Taiz Governorate

Within the framework of the Project “Building the Capacity of Women Peace Mediators 2” funded the Saferworld , (AMA) in Taiz Governorate launched on wednesday 22_Nov_2023، a workshop in “Involving Women in Decision-Making and Peacebuilding in Yemen” in the presence of the Governor’s Undersecretary for Health Affairs, Dr. Ilan Abdel Haq, and the Deputy Director General of Social Affairs. The workshop was attended by Dr. Mahmoud Al-Bakari, in the presence of 30 leader women in Taiz governorate.

The workshop discussed a group of international resolutions, local legislation, and national steps that would contribute to and support the involvement of women in decision-making and peace-building in society, in addition to making an assessment of the extent of women’s participation in decision-making and peace-building in society in light of the conditions in Yemen. The workshop participants also discussed the challenges and obstacles that women face in all fields that limit their participation in decision-making and peacebuilding, as well as the most important strengths that can be strengthened to contribute further to enhancing women’s capabilities to participate in decision-making and peacebuilding.

The workshop came up with a set of recommendations that the participants hoped would be taken into consideration by all local and international bodies, including:
1- Expanding women’s participation in decision-making positions by appointing them to senior administrative positions to formulate public policies, whether in the senior executive authority or in the local government.
2- Involving women in peace negotiations and after the signing of the peace agreement.
3- Building a network that brings together women activists components that support equal citizenship and the importance of including women.
4- Qualifying and training women’s cadres in administrative and leadership programs and placing them in public positions to gain experience.
5- Reformulating the national plan to activate UN Resolution “1325”
6 -Implementing campaigns and workshops to raise community awareness about the importance of women’s participation in decision-making and peacebuilding and to make them aware of the amount of capabilities wasted by excluding them.