Abductees Mothers Association report regarding launching its campaign Justice for Abductees to hold violators accountable.

11/10/2022 07:36:05

Abductees’ Mothers Association has launched a supporting media campaign to demand justice for abductees and arbitrarily detained and forcibly disappeared persons in Yemen.


The campaign, which is launched in conjunction with the efforts made by the United Nations and the international community to restore peace and stop the war in Yemen, aims to guarantee accountability and lack of impunity, ending the evasion of justice, and redressing abducted civilians.
Since 2018 until 2021, the association documented 1548 cases of abduction and arbitrary detention, 388 cases of forced disappearance, 832 cases of torture, and 18 cases of murder by torture or medical negligence. The victims in these cases were civilians and the perpetrators were; Houthi armed group, Security Belt Forces, and the government’s security forces. Additionally, the coalition air force killed 134 detainees while targeting Community College Prison in Dhamar. The victims and their relatives ought to be redressed and compensated, which is a responsibility that must be fulfilled by the national and international communities, and human rights organizations and activists.
The campaign mainly focuses on documenting and monitoring the violations committed against abductees and arbitrarily detained and forcibly disappeared in only five governorates; Sana’a, Aden, Taiz, Marib, and Dhamar.
The campaign is planned to last for six months, and to include many activities both on the ground and through media. It will be launched under the following hashtags;
The association calls upon human rights activists and media platforms to participate at the campaign in order to support the rights of the victims of abduction, arbitrarily detention and forced disappearance, and to redress them.
Issued by Abductees’ Mothers Association.
October 10th, 2022.